Why Studio D?

Matching a product to your unique need, especially if you don’t know that the product exists can take a lot of work. The staff at Studio D Merchandise uses their encyclopedic knowledge of custom merchandise to guide you to the most relevant and effective choices.

Some examples-

The National Chiropractic Association wanted a pen for a promotion – so we made the Spine Shaped Pen.
A national pet products company wanted something dog related that can be easily mailed, so we made dog bandanas.

A movie distributor wanted to promote a zombie movie, we made edible Gummy Brains
An insurance company was producing a mailer to senior citizens so we made a flat magnifier light.

You get a better value when you take the time to put your logo on a memorable product.  We are committed to your satisfaction with every order.

Contact us at 800 405 7814 to hear some innovative solutions to your situation.