Cell Phone Wallet

Custom Promotional Cell Phone Wallet

Custom promotional cell phone wallets can be a stylish accessory as well as used for convenient and protective purposes. These wallets may be fully customized and allow you to carry your cell phone and other necessities such as identification, cash and credit cards in one place. Custom Promotional Cell Phone Wallets are the most convenient way to carry around your cell phone and wallet in one.

Your potential customer will appreciate not having to tote a heavy purse or large wallet on everyday errands, as well as the opportunity of getting to promote their brand on an object that is used everyday. These customized wallets also make great business card holders to pass out at conventions, networking dinners, and other social gatherings.

These custom promotional cell phone wallets come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. There are ones that have an open pocket, others that snap ups, and some even have a phone stand built in. You have full authority over the customization of the cell phone wallet and can even make a bold statement with your logo, having it stand out. If you have any questions with the process, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 405-7814 and you will be able to speak with a representative of Studio D Merchandise.

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