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    Custom Lanyards Buyers Guide

    You’ll see 100’s of custom lanyards on this page. Here’s your guide to ordering the right one.
    If your design has a lot of colors, choose a dye sublimated lanyard. All these lanyards havea soft satin feel.
    • All the nylon lanyards are made of soft nylon.
    • The least expensive are the polyester “economy” lanyards
    • The woven lanyards are not printed. They weave your design into the fabric of the lanyard.
    • You can choose the type of attachment you want by selecting form the dropdown menu on the ordering page.
    • All lanyards are washable and made for durability



    1/8" Rope Cord Lanyard

    As Low As $0.30 - 0.48 Buy Now
    3/8'' Blank Lanyard w/J-Hook

    3/8'' Blank Lanyard w/J-Hook

    As Low As $0.30 - 0.50 Buy Now

    3/8" Blank Lanyard

    As Low As $0.30 - 0.50 Buy Now
    3/8'' Lanyard w/PVC Card

    3/8'' Lanyard w/PVC Card

    As Low As $0.55 - 1.76 Buy Now
    Super Saver Polyester Lanyard

    Super Saver Polyester Lanyard

    As Low As $0.56 - 1.14 Buy Now

    5/8" Polyester Blank Lanyard

    As Low As $0.58 - 1.14 Buy Now

    1/2" Polyester Lanyard (12mm)

    As Low As $0.64 - 1.44 Buy Now