Custom Lanyards

Many companies use custom lanyards for a professional look, to provide security, or a general promotional item to display their logo. Trade show sponsors buy these as a medium to sell advertising to exhibitors.Trending now is the custom break away lanyards that detatch at the back. If you want to add more promotional value to your custom lanyards, look at the buckle lanyards. The buckle detatches, and people can use the detatched portion as a keychain. There are lots of ways we can brand lanyards. Here you'll see the woven lanyards, which means your design is woven into the fabric of the lanyard, instead of printed, for a unique look. If your graphic is multi colored we use a technique called dye sublimation, which means the lanyard can be covered with a multi color design. Typically your imprint is repeated along both sides of the lanyard. Lanyards are cut to a standard length of 36 inches, but can be customized to any length. Lanyards come stanard with buldog clip attachment. Other kinds of attachments are available if you contact customer service.


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