Promo Earbud Benefits

When it comes to Promo Earbud benefits, the list can get really long, really fast. Ask any school, company, or non-profit organization that we have worked with, and you will find dozens of reasons why our earbuds are head and shoulders above the rest. Our earbuds provide great audio, convenient design, and enhanced durability, in addition to being totally customizable. They make the perfect promotional giveaway item, no matter what kind of organization you are.

Advantages of Promo Earbuds

  • Sleek Design
  • Perfect for Branding
  • Snap! Retractability
  • Four Foot Extended Reach Cable
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Affordable

Superb Portability

Our custom earbuds come with a sleek, retractable design. That means minimal bulging when placed in pockets or attached to electronics holders. And the cords feature Snap! Retractability, for easy storage. All four feet of the earbuds’ cord can be retracted within the hub in seconds. They really are the perfect headphones for easy use on the go.

When it comes to promotional items, our earbuds are sure to actually be used by the people you give them to. These days, we use portable electronic devices and headphones everywhere: at the office, at home, on airplanes, on the subway, while exercising, and virtually everywhere else. Our earbuds in particular are compatible with over 2,000,000 devices and feature hi fidelity audio, delivering quality sound. Whether your patrons use them for music, audio books, or training programs, they will have your brand right in front of them the whole time.

Advanced Design

Our earbuds are constructed from sleek ABS plastic. This helps ensure greater durability so your patrons can continue to use them for years to come, no matter where they take them. The earbuds themselves are also specially designed to maximize product life, as well as comfort. Each pair comes with three sets of soft silicone ear tips in different sizes, for maximum comfort in every ear. The extra-long cords fully retract into the branded hub almost instantly, and have the length needed for any use.

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Headphones Long Cord

Every set of earbuds we produce here at Promo Eardbuds features full Move With Me Reach, which includes a full four feet of cord length. These long cord headphones provide the ultimate in ergonomic design, meaning your patrons will continue to use them in almost every situation. In particular, we have found that the unparalleled comfort provided by our earbuds makes them ideal for endurance listening sessions, an increasingly common occurrence in our digitized world.

Endurance Listening 

How often are you asked to watch an online training video or listen to a podcast? What about the increasing prevalence of online college lectures and audio books? In each of these cases, you may be asked to use your earbuds for hours on end. For these endurance listening sessions, our long cord earbuds provide unparalleled comfort and ease of movement. This can help your patrons avoid:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Yank
  • Stiff Muscles

This added comfort comes from the fact that our earbud cords are a full foot longer than standard earbuds, a difference you can see and feel.

Marketplace Match 

The reason you need this extra foot of cord is because of the setup of most computers and office desks. Standard computer-to-chair placement in most offices requires four feet of cord space to allow comfortable movement for the wearer. Whether you are providing these earbuds to your employees or not, the wearer will be able to complete online learning modules and move about freely. They can stretch, grab a pen to take notes, turn their heads, and stay focused without missing important training lessons. And the handy retract function makes them easy for your patrons to take them on the go.

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Retractable Headphones 

When you have four feet worth of cord, it is important that you are dealing with retractable headphones. This is why Promo Earbuds are made with just such a design feature. This helps keep your cord from becoming tangled, housing all that extra wiring in a sleek, convenient hub. In fact, every pair of earbuds we make features our Wind Up Magic, Snap! Retractability design.

Never Deal with a Tangled Cord Again

How many hours a year does the average person spend untangling headphone cords? If you have ever had to deal with the average set of earbuds, then you know what an inconvenience this can be. But with our Wind Up Magic design, cord mess will be a thing of the past. The process is incredibly easy.

To extend the length of the cord, simply tug on both ends of the cable to pull some of the cord out of the hub. Just stop pulling the cord when you have enough for the task at hand. When you are ready to retract, simply pull the cord to its maximum length with the hub in the middle, then let go to activate the Snap! Retractability function.

Customizable Earbud Length

Having the perfect cord length for your earbuds makes any task a breeze. Your patrons may use these earbuds for jogging, job training, or simply to pass the time while waiting in line. But each task may require a different amount of cord to ensure comfort and ease of movement. After all, they probably need less than four feet of cord if they use an armband to hold their audio device during exercise. The retractable design of our earbuds ensures that this is never an issue. The cord can be adjusted and readjusted quickly and easily, whenever needed. And when not in use, the cord stows away neatly in the custom branded hub.

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Branded Headphones

Unlike most headphones, Promo Earbuds’ hub allows for maximum visibility when it comes to your branded headphones. This is made possible by our specially designed cord hub which, although it is thin and minimizes bulge in your pocket, is among the widest on the market today. When it comes to branding opportunities, this provides the perfect space to put a highly visible logo on.

360-Degree Visibility

Anything printed on the hub of our earbuds is in full view, even if your patrons put them in a purse or on a crowded desk. This is good news for you and your patrons. First, this puts your message front and center whenever someone grabs your earbuds, a key feature for anything branded. Second, it makes it easier for your patrons to find your earbuds when they need them.

Dual Branding Puts You Ahead of the Competition 

Our hubs can be printed on both sides, giving you a one-of-a-kind dual branding opportunity. On the front of the hub, you can put your logo front and center. And on the back, you can give your patrons a meaningful call to action. What better way to leave a lasting impression – and increase brand visibility – with anyone you give your earbuds to?

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Custom Branded Headphones 

Not only can you make your brand more visible with our earbuds; you can also completely customize them. Custom branded headphones can be a huge marketing opportunity for your organization, no matter who you are. Whether you are a corporation, school, or non-profit organization, having the freedom to individualize your design is sure to make your brand that much more memorable.

Large, Visible Logos

Because of the wide hub featured on all of our retractable headphones, you can design a custom logo up to .72” across. The raised epoxy dome makes the perfect backdrop for an extra-large, visible custom logo. After all, what good is a custom logo that no one can see?

Customized Call to Action 

Our headphones are frequently ordered by organizations that use them as promotional materials for upcoming events. This is where a customized call to action can be your biggest asset. If handed out strategically, you can make sure that your event stays front and center in your patrons’ minds and increase your chances of attendance and participation. However, your patrons will continue to use these headphones long after your event has passed as well, creating lasting brand recognition down the road.

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Custom Design Headphones

Custom design headphones add the final layer of originality to every product we sell. Each earbud can be made to your specifications; in fact, you can choose the components that comprise the buds, cord, plug, and packaging. With so many materials and colors to choose from, you can custom design the components of your headphones to match your logo, official colors, or any other aspect of your organization.

Encapsulate Your Brand through Design 

All of our earbuds can be made to fit any ear, thanks to the multiple ear cushions that come with every set. But you can also choose from a variety of materials and colors for the other components, including the housing, micro driver, and cord. For instance, you can pick a wooden, metal, or plastic housing for your custom earbuds that encapsulate the core of your brand (wooden housings create a more organic feel, for instance). And with so many styles to choose from, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Select Your Sample

The first step is to select your sample. You can peruse a variety of our custom earbud styles to find some ideas. Personalized, custom branded headphones help lend your organization greater legitimacy in the eyes of your patrons, making you look professional and well established. Once emblazoned with your custom logo and call to action, our earbuds are sure to make an unparalleled promotional item for your organization.

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